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Share your experience and help stop the spread.

Help the world understand how coronavirus spreads

How do you think you caught coronavirus?

Where were you at the time? Out in public or visiting people at home? At work? Or at a social event?

We’re running this survey to help Imperial College London’s Self-Care Academic Research Unit understand how the virus is being spread. Tick the box below to confirm you’re happy to share your data with our study and partners.

How do you know you had COVID-19?

COVID Positive People Survey

Thank you for your interest but to keep things simple we only need people who know or suspect they had COVID-19. If you want more information about COVID-19 go to Healthily’s COVID-19 hub or if you suspect you might have Covid-19 download our app and use Healthily’s self-assessment tool in our Android or Apple app.

If you had a test, when was it done - an estimate is fine?

What type of test did you have?

If you took a test, how much time went by between being infected and getting your result back?

Where do you think you caught the virus?

How sure are you about where you caught the virus?

Was the place where you caught the virus well ventilated, for example were the doors and windows open?

Who do you think you caught the virus from?

Was the person or people you think gave you the virus:

When you caught the virus were you:

Since catching the virus has your attitude changed to:

What type of mask do you use?

Do you think you infected anyone else? How many?

Did you isolate yourself? When?

How serious was it? Read through our descriptions and tell us if you had, or have, mild, moderate or severe coronavirus.

Mild COVID-19

How it feels: You’ll have flu-like symptoms, which can include cough, mild fever, headache, muscle pain and tiredness. You won’t be short of breath in general. You shouldn’t have a high fever. Keep yourself hydrated and rest. More info...

Moderate COVID-19

How it feels: You’re more breathless and feel your heart beat faster when you move around. The cough is more noticeable. You’ll be coughing many times an hour and it’s probably making you tired. You may have symptoms of a fever like shivering and chills. More info...

Severe COVID-19

How it feels: You’re going to feel very breathless (even when you’re resting), and might find it hard to finish sentences. Along with chest, stomach or back pain when you breathe, these can be signs you’ve developed pneumonia. You will not be eating and drinking normally. Other signs include a high fever. More info...

Warning: If you’re feeling increasingly breathless, can’t manage basic things like showering and eating, or if you can’t speak in whole sentences without taking extra breaths, call your local health service right away.

*Read Dr Mary Lowth’s authoritative article on the stages of coronavirus on Healthily

After reading this, would you say your symptoms are:

Please provide some basic information about you.

We cannot use any of this data to identify you and we are not sharing any of it outside of this study.

Thanks for taking part.

Telling us about how you picked up Covid-19 will help the world do more to respond to coronavirus. Scientists at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London, a global centre of excellence and epidemiological research into COVID-19, will use your anonymised data to study the outbreak.

The survey has just started so we don't have any data yet but if your give us your email below and we will send you a message as soon as the first data is analysed.

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Your Story

We’d love to find out more about your experience with coronavirus, from how you caught it, to how long it lasted and how you’re feeling now. Tell us your story in as much detail as you like, taking care not to mention any names or information that would make it obvious that it’s you or may identify others.

Your story will be used for COVID 19 research and shared with Imperial College research Unit for research purposes in an anonymised manner, as described in Healthily Privacy Policy

When submitting a story Healthily Terms apply

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